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Vira’s Vittles


As you may know, I’m an avid chef. I’ve spent a large majority of my life baking/cooking and it’s a passion.

I’m also quite ill with a neurological disorder that has devastated me - physically, emotionally and monetarily. Just this autumn, my husband and I had to leave everything we had in Texas behind to start over just to get better medical care on the East Coast.

Because of the severity of my disorder, I cannot hold a job. I’m hospitalized too often. I can, however, bake.

It’s something I take pride in and it’s actually become a coping mechanism for me. Thus, I’m going to be starting an Etsy bakery - titled Vira’s Vittles. I’m open to other names. This is just a working title.

I am not asking for charity. I’m simply trying to open a store that could produce some much-needed money. If you could spread the word, I’d be eternally grateful.

  • I’ll have three launch products to offer. One will be my “Dragcakes,” - cupcakes made in an ice cream cone and decorated fabulously. The price on these are to be determined (depending on what kind of container I’ll need to purchase to ship them,) but they make a great party favor. Here’s a picture of the dragcakes before and after decoration. I can also make them custom themed.



  • The second item I’m offering will be jarcakes. These are preserved for up to a year and make great gifts. I’m going to try to make them fandom-based, so feel free to make a special request; but I’ll also be offering a plainer version. Price to be determined. Pictures coming soon.
  • Finally, I’ll be making a personal favorite of mine - orange muffins with cranberries. These make for a lovely breakfast. I’ll be selling them for $10 per dozen with shipping added. Pictures coming soon.
  • More products will be announced as soon as I figure out the best way to ship them and affordable price them. I will say, however, I have a lot of yummy ideas. ;]

We’re in the process of setting up a bank account to specifically handle our business. This means a lot to me and could be a massive help - not to mention a motivator for me to get up in the morning and actually be able to contribute. I won’t lie - things have been tough emotionally and this could be a game-changer for me.

I understand entirely if you can’t make a purchase; but spreading the word is just as - if not even more  - important. It means a lot to me. A lot.

Thank you all for your love and support in all I’ve done. You help keep me going everyday - not matter how bad I feel, how much I hurt, or how hopeless it seems. This amazing community keeps me smiling and pushing forward.

Thanks again for listening and here’s to (hopefully) the start of a shop that will bring joy to a lot of people.

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